Why Indian men have the least sex in the world.






Indian men have less sex than men from any other country around the world, according to a survey for Men’s Health magazine.

The magazine surveyed more than 50,000 respondents from more than 30 countries to compare sexual attitudes and practices and found that Indian men and women have sex less frequently and with fewer partners throughout their lives.

According to the survey, Indian men have sex less than once a week on average, and have only three sexual partners in their lifetime. Indian women have only two sexual partners – seven fewer than British, American and Australian women who jointly topped the table with nine.

Men’s Health India‘s managing editor Bobby Varkey said many Indians do not have enough privacy to have sex as often as they might want to because the live in noisy “joint family” homes with their parents and adult siblings. The taboo against sex outside marriage may also explain the finding.

He said sexual frustration among men could be a factor in the recent rise in sexual assaults on women, but he believes frustration is less common now than in recent years.

The survey was based on questionnaire replies from correspondents around the world between April and August this year. Indians were the third largest respondent group and revealed unexpected findings.

Despite the value Indians attach to chastity and modesty, Indian women were six times more likely to “make love” in the back of a taxi than American women, the survey found.

It also found that 32 per cent of Indian men shave their lower body hair and that 77 per cent of women prefer them to do so.

Mr Varkey said he believed the contrast between the infrequency with which Indians have sex, and the relatively high number of Indian women ‘making out’ in public was again explained by the inhibiting circumstances of Indian home life.

The magazine’s findings were challenged however by leading Indian women’s rights campaigner Dr Ranjana Kumari of the Centre for Social Research. She said 95 per cent of Indians have arranged marriages and that 50 per cent of them are married by the time they are 18 years old.

“Sexual access is very much there for men,” she said. Most Indians no longer live in “joint-family” households. “I wouldn’t want to generalise that India is a frustrated [sexual] culture. Rape isn’t about sex but about men who think they can control women and instill fear in them,” she said


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